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We utilize only our most highly skilled professional linguists in our book translation services. They are all highly educated and extremely experienced translators and interpreters who are experts at grammar and usage. They know the places and the cultures of their native lands, including all the complex socioeconomic layers in each. Our book translation services team is also experienced providing high quality, precise translations of such different literary works such as: 

  • journal articles,
  • comics
  • textbooks
  • books for kids
  • brochures
  • newsletter
  • magazine
  • newspaper



Emails and newsletters have become an essential part of business communication, which has also allowed businesses to extend their message internationally. In such a global context, translating emails and newsletters becomes vital. With services to translate administrative correspondence, sales and advertising, and articles for trade publications, Revin Legal Translation can provide for all your business correspondence needs. Newsletters and pamphlets for example, are highly effective means of communicating your message to a vast community of clients or customers, especially when placed in the right publication and with proper circulation. In today’s global market where companies are facing increasing pressure to “go global”, websites, pamphlets and newsletters and other various marketing tools are all being translated into multiple languages, in order to tap into as many markets and clients as possible.

Our newsletter, email and pamphlet translation service covers areas such as: 


  • Research and Development
  • Financial Reports
  • Publications
  • Customer Service
  • Articles for Trade Publications
  • Marketing & Startegies
  • Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Administrative Correspondence
  • External & Internal reporting
  • Management
  • Sales & Advertising



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Arabic translator, Translation services, Revin Legal Translation
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